Revolutionary Times: Evening Talk

For many, the world doesn’t feel very safe anymore.  

Whether having to process radical political stances, indecisive and then sometimes aggressive first world leaders and governments, terrorist attacks, or global warming and extreme natural disasters, it can often leave one wondering how life could ever be “normal” again.

In this talk, I’ll be walking you through to new perspectives by providing key tools and techniques in which to more easily handle these adverse times. 

During the talk, you will:

  • Gain new insight and perspective when dealing with overwhelming happenings 
  • Be provided with tools and techniques to gain more clarity and breakthroughs that you can apply to your work and life.
  • The goal of every talk and course is awareness: what follows is that you experience breakthroughs, release old stories & energy, end old habits, feel fulfilled on a deeper level…the list is endless.
Talk Cost: £10 per person

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