Jenetta Barry

Counselor, Speaker, Author, Mentor, and Master at
Instilling Emotional Resilience


o a growing list of people she’s inspired, Jenetta Barry is a legend. As an international on-line consultant who is also based in Harley Street London, Jenetta is a corporate trainer and personal-development coach who came to terms with personal tragedy –– the suicide of her 16-year-old daughter. In doing so, she discovered a remarkable source of emotional resiliency –– and a process for imparting it to others.

Jenetta today is sought after internationally as a transformational influence to troubled and suicidal teens, and as the go-to counsellor for people in extreme circumstances – including counselling terrorist-attack survivors.

While Jenetta has been associated with several headline cases, she is equally inspired to share her “mental health toolkit” with organisations and individuals who use them to overcome everyday challenges.

She is also a Corporate trainer in mental health wellness, with over 20 years experience in the field addressing the growing challenge of corporate politics and  brain drain.

She is a published author with her life-defining story featured alongside Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Michael Beckwith, Dr. John Demartini and Dr. Alveda King.

Jenetta is author of “Full-Circle Rainbow” and Handbook “A Handful of Keys for Grief Relief”.

About Jenetta Barry’s Epiphany Process

Have you ever breathed a sigh of relief when you realized that what you were most afraid of losing was something you were better off without? Or laughed out loud when you realized what you’d yearned for was something you had all along?

Researchers tell us that in these “a-ha” moments our brains release a rush of neurotransmitters and that these moments can actually change the brain’s physical structure. In other words, it is our epiphanies that lead us to new ways of thinking lasting new behaviors.

When you have a session with Jenetta Barry, you experience her series of special questions -– questions that will stimulate your brain to forge new connections and create new synergies between your thoughts and emotions.

Here’s what people are saying…

Working with Jenetta has been like discovering the gift of electricity for the first time. It has liberated me in a way I never thought possible. The best part is that the light bulbs keep coming on, bringing new understanding, days or even weeks after our sessions are over.
Nicola Young – Laikipia, Kenya
Nicola Young – Laikipia, Kenya

The insight I gained in sessions with Jenetta and this process just left me speechless. As a professional nurse with psychiatric nursing experience, I can say with confidence that an hour with Jenetta was worth 100 hours in psychotherapy!
Charnell Ruth, South Africa, Psychiatric Nurse
Charnell Ruth, South Africa

I was overcome with deep galvanizing fear accompanied by feelings of loss of freedom and safety. I was one of the people who had been holed up in a storeroom at Westgate, as I listened to gunshots and people being killed on the other side of the door. Since my work with Jenetta, I have been in a much lighter mood – with all those fears having lifted – and I actually felt motivated to venture into new things, something which I had not been able to do for a long while – long before Westgate occurred.
Rupa, Westgate Mall Terrorists Attack Survivor

Jenetta’s energy inspires me. The Epiphany Process is in a league of its own but I feel that what Jenetta does goes far beyond the method. I don’t wonder that others want to absorb her. A deep thank you.
Moyra Earnshaw, Feldenkrais Method
Moyra Earnshaw

Jenetta has been a very influential person in my life. I witnessed her falling apart after her daughter Jen’s suicide and I also witnessed her getting up again and deciding to live. She taught me everything I know about honouring one’s grief as well as many other lessons … all of them through leading by example.
Louise van Niekerk, South Africa
Louise van Niekerk, South Africa

I didn’t believe anything could work for me. I felt “not good enough” … that I had lost my personality and I didn’t know who I was anymore … I felt empty. I’d wake up in the morning feeling so deflated and didn’t want to move out of my bed … and I was overwhelmed with suicidal thoughts. The Epiphany Process takes looking at things differently and can appear difficult to understand at first. Even so, after the first session I felt lighter with a glimmer of hope. It provided me with vital life skills … and it has put me back into equilibrium.
Alistair White, UK
Alistair White, UK

From being in a place where I didn’t even want to be alive to now being able to work through challenges without falling to pieces, the whole Epiphany Process experience has been truly life changing. I’m now looking forward to going further by qualifying as an Epiphany Process Specialist and helping other people, especially children.
Larissa Allen, Nairobi, Kenya
Larissa Allen, Nairobi, Kenya

Completing the Certification Program with Jenetta was a life-changing experience. While I was studying I was watching my husband of 15 years slowly and painfully dying from cancer and my 2-year-old daughter begging him to get up and play with her. This process helped me to understand and accept the things I feared most. Jenetta has personally applied this process to her life challenges. She has walked the walk and talks the talk and sharing her experience and skills is the best gift in life anyone could receive.
Bella Tishkova – New York, USA, Special Needs Educator, New York City
Bella Tishkova – New York, USA

When my marriage of 15 years came to an end, I was caught in the grip of conflicting emotions of sadness, anger, grief, shock, loss and feelings of abandonment. 
Jenetta helped me to separate what feelings were from an old childhood program and the ones that were relevant to the present. I realized that there didn’t have to be a polarization… I could feel the grief and move through it quickly. 4 months on, I feel a sense of deep peace and acceptance.
Sara Ellis - UK, The Sara Ellis Show, UntangledFM
Sara Ellis - UK

In my darkest moments, when I was broken wide open and vulnerable, I found hope through this process and Jenetta. I began shifting my thoughts of despair, into moments of seeing where there was value in my suffering. I saw glimmers of light and began to follow the light and in that space, I found love within me to keep moving in a new direction.
Leah Parsons, Nova Scotia, Canada, Mother to “Angel Rehtaeh” who committed suicide after cyber-bullying
Leah Parsons, Nova Scotia, Canada

It was very hard for me to get up in the morning with any feeling of excitement for the day ahead. Since working with the process on the online calls, I’m waking up with new energy, both emotionally and physically. I never knew how much of a difference just listening and responding from the heart could make.
Mike Dickson - South Africa
Mike Dickson - South Africa

I was only 18 when my father decided to take his life. I was experiencing a bucket full of emotions and I felt stuck. Jenetta changed all of that. With every session it feels as though we move mountains.
Savanna Stephenson – Student, UK
Savanna Stephenson – Student, UK

I have worked with Jenetta on core grief issues that I had bottled up since the loss of my son Ryan. Jenetta’s heart-centred presence, spiritual depth, and finely-tuned awareness on how to approach deep sorrow have created a beautiful ripple effect on my life.
Sharyn Ann McNeil – South Africa
Sharyn Ann McNeil – South Africa

I was at the Westgate Mall when the terrorists attacked. I was 3 months pregnant and my husband was killed. It is thanks to this process and applying it with Jenetta that I am back to life.
Mariam Yassim - Mogadishu, Somalia, Westgate Mall Terrorists Attack Survivor
Mariam Yassim - Mogadishu, Somalia

“We live in a society that is attached to the belief that there is more value in so-called “positive” qualities and experiences and less value in so-called “negative” ones, while in actuality both are of equal service and disservice. The Epiphany Process is about mastering our thoughts and feelings toward this point of acceptance. It’s about opening our hearts with love and appreciation for what once caused us anguish.” ~Jenetta Barry

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